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Enterprise Learning Analytics 

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5th Logic can help:

xAPI Consulting

Our staff has been working with xAPI/LRS since 2013 and we are part of the ADL and IEEE efforts. We can implement it for you or show you how.

What is xAPI?

The Experience API (xAPI) is an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) interoperability specification soon to be IEEE Standard. It is a data format for recording learning experiences. It can track actions in context such as environmental factors, location, verification of mastering a concept, what it takes to master a concept, and more. xAPI was designed to address gaps in the existing SCORM standard, such as learning outside the LMS, any form of game or digital training and mobile training accessed within or outside of a web browser. xAPI is easily readable by humans and computers, and allows for simple integration and interoperability between disparate systems. The Experience API has been made official by the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Education.

Systems Integration

We can help connect your enterprise applications between systems or subsystems.


LMS Integration

Get the data on your LMS moving to or from an LRS, HRIS, CRM, or with other applications, data, or APIs.


Learning Analytics

The business looks to L&D to understand how training investments are providing value. This is where having the right metrics and guidance becomes critical.



General Learning Technology consulting or more specialized services for L&D.



Enterprise Learning & Development (L&D) departments are unable to get needed learning analytics data - top challenges for many, the rest of the organization quantifies their very existence with data – not so L&D! 

Enterprise L&D departments desire to prove that training programs directly impact business success. 


Medium-to-Large Enterprise Learning Ecosystems are not interconnected, and they desire to use learning science (analytics) to map training to performance. They are looking for the best way to gain a holistic view of all learning and they need interoperability of data and content.


L&D is ready to take a seat at the hi-tech/big data table.


At 5th Logic, we believe our customers should be free to make data driven decisions without having to labor over the technical details. We are looking to change the world of Learning Analytics.

We provide comprehensive insights into how individuals learn and consume your learning content, the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes (predictive analysis), and measured correlation to these desired outcomes.

Our staff are considered to be sophisticated practitioners in learning analytics technology. What that means is that we have been through a lot of trial and error at scale! We can help provide better evaluation data in the form of contextual activity streams no matter what kind of learning is happening. People are learning through a variety of digital sources and we can get it all speaking the same data language for you. We can also help provide data inputs to and from the other parts of the business. Thus, helping to provide ROI for L&D.


Analytics Workshop

Learning Analytics: Modernize Your Enterprise Training Ecosystem
An advanced analytics primer for today's enterprise L&D

The training department needs to start using big data technology. Activity stream technology runs the big data world and the Experience API (xAPI) is an activity stream technology designed specifically for learning. Most training professionals are limited to very little data from SCORM. Plus, SCORM is limited to the environment of the LMS and people learn in many ways, including the LMS but very often outside the LMS. Regardless of the reasons, there is an easy way to get more data in order to advance your training program into the 21st Century.

This workshop is for medium-to-large enterprise organizations who are looking for a viable path to utilize advanced learning analytics for L&D. Many training departments are considering the adoption of xAPI, or in the process of adoption. 

Key Takeaways

Participants will walk away with basic knowledge of training technology, xAPI, and some actionable ways to implement a Learning Analytics initiative.

  • Both Technical and Non-Technical attendees welcome

  • See the blueprints and plans (case studies) that organizations in multiple industries are using

  • Inform key-stakeholder buy in for xAPI adoption and data driven decision making

  • Increase alignment between teams in your organization around xAPI and begin to think about big data and analytics for your learning function

  • Understand how to create a proof-of-principle to use and show that "this really works"

  • Invite the entire change management team

Contact us for Workshop Syllabus and Pricing: Courses are private instructor led.

Solve Tough Problems

Every day, the 5th Logic team is working today's Learning and Development problems that no one has ever solved before.

Can you wear multiple hats? Even Better.

At 5th Logic you have the opportunity to be part of the core team.

We are hiring skilled individuals in the following disciplines:

  • Data Scientists/Analysts

  • iOT / Blockchain

  • Artificial Intelligence Researchers

  • Instructional Systems Design ( ISD)

  • Analytics Application Specialist

  • Learning Scientist

  • Experience API Software Developer

  • Senior UI/UX Designer

  • Senior Software Developer

  • Digital Network Architect